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Kids’ Fishing Derby – Deer Mountain Hatchery

  SSRAA King salmon provide kids with fun and provide the association with positive PR in the annual Kids’ Fishing Derby in Ketchikan City Park, set for June 17 (Saturday) from 9:00 am – Noon this year.  The park’s ponds will be stocked with chinook smolts raised for the derby in SSRAA’s Deer Mountain Hatchery. …


Winter Troll Fishery

Winter Troll Harvest     This is the Winter Troll harvest as of April 21, 2017. During the March SSRAA Board of Directors meeting we presented data suggesting a much larger harvest for both 2016 and 2017. That data was presented with a caveat that we were not confident in its accuracy due to some …


Life at Carroll Inlet

A Different Flavor of Remote  – Matt Allen My first experience in Alaska was as a seasonal at the AFK Hatchery on Evans Island in Prince William Sound, way back in 1999. I spent a portion of my youth growing up in the backwoods of New Hampshire. I wasn’t naive, I knew that didn’t necessarily prepare …


2017 Request for Proposal – Cost Recovery Access Licensing

Download file:  Neets Bay and Klawock RFP Packet 2017 Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association 2017 Special Harvest Areas Cost Recovery Access Licensing RFP Packet Request for Proposals on 4 Lots of Salmon: 1. Neets Bay Summer Chum and Chinook 2. Neets Bay Fall Chum and Coho 3. Egg Take Carcasses 4. Klawock River Coho General …


Common Property: Fall Coho

2016 SSRAA Coho, Including Klawock Hatchery Production: October 6 The all gear harvest of the Chickamin stock (most SSRAA releases) decreased through the past 10 days as fisheries closed and effort decreased; and as the remaining fish moved to the terminal areas. The Klawock Lake stock (Klawock Hatchery) is an earlier stock and pretty much …


Common Property: Fall Chum

SSRAA Fall Chum, 20 September 2016: Fall chum returning this year come almost entirely from releases at Nakat and Neets Bay. In addition, there are three-year-olds from a release at Burnett Inlet, though few fall chum return at 3 years old. The weekly harvest (drift) of fall chum at Tree Point has been similar for …