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Spawning News – November 2015 Newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the November 2015 issue here.


2016 Forecast

  SSRAA 2016 Forecast All Species – All Sites  Species Site 5 YR 4 YR 3 YR CP Terminal Total S Chum Neets 90,000 704,000 443,000 333,990 903,010 1,237,000 S Chum Nakat 31,000 195,000 34,000 130,000 130,000 260,000 S Chum Anita 42,000 285,000 60,000 193,500 193,500 387,000 S Chum Kendrick 50,000 637,000 181,000 607,600 260,400 …


Common Property: Fall Coho

2015 Harvest of SSRAA and POWHA Coho: 17 September 2015 We continue to be reluctant to update the fall coho return for several reasons, but primarily because the numbers are not changing very quickly. The return pattern still doesn’t match historic information about these fish. The return didn’t look strong a week ago, and that …


Burnett Inlet Facility Expansion

Marble Construction is raising the new building this week with some crane assistance from Pool Engineering. The frame is standing and installation of insulated metal panels will commence immediately.  UPDATE:  August 4, 2015     The final concrete slab is lowered into place completing the basic pad for the new dock and incubation building. Later …


What We Do… Otolith Lab

Somewhere in Southern Southeast Alaska another sting operation has just concluded, and things are about to get very interesting…… “MR. SALMON, YOU’VE JUST BEEN CAUGHT. I NEED TO SEE YOUR I.D.”. Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) releases millions of salmon into the wild every year. One very important part of that process is being …


Spawning News – April 2015 newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the April 2015 issue here.


Deer Mountain Hatchery

CURRENT NEWS: SSRAA reached another milestone in March as its new production arrived at the Deer Mountain Hatchery. 90,000 Chinook pre-smolt reared at the Whitman Lake Hatchery were transported and ponded into circular tanks at the Deer Mountain site. The Chinook will be on a daily feeding regiment until released into Ketchikan Creek in May. …


Spawning News – February 2015 newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the February 2015 issue here.