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Spawning News – December 2016 Newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the December 2016 issue here.


Common Property: Fall Coho

2016 SSRAA Coho, Including Klawock Hatchery Production: October 6 The all gear harvest of the Chickamin stock (most SSRAA releases) decreased through the past 10 days as fisheries closed and effort decreased; and as the remaining fish moved to the terminal areas. The Klawock Lake stock (Klawock Hatchery) is an earlier stock and pretty much …


Common Property: Fall Chum

SSRAA Fall Chum, 20 September 2016: Fall chum returning this year come almost entirely from releases at Nakat and Neets Bay. In addition, there are three-year-olds from a release at Burnett Inlet, though few fall chum return at 3 years old. The weekly harvest (drift) of fall chum at Tree Point has been similar for …


2016 Chum Troll Fishery

The Last Dog is Dead: Neets Bay Chum Troll, 20 September 2016: There are trollers working the Behm from Clover Pass out to Chin Point, but at this point they are all fishing coho. There are very few fall chum available outside the Neets Bay SHA and the troll fleet that is still present (8 …


Cost Recovery Update 2016

12 September: Cost Recovery Update: We have turned the page to fall chum. Cost recovery and broodstock collection started on the 1st of September. The run was early last year; broodstock and harvest started substantially on the 1st of September. This is not the case this year, 2016. Historically fall chum runs have started after …


2016 Chinook Harvest Update

7 September, 2016 Chinook Return Summary: Chinook survival/return from SE sources was not good in 2016. The adult return to almost every index stream was below the escapement level and enhanced stocks generally did not do well. For whatever reason, and there isn’t a silver bullet involved, the SSRAA returns were close to what we …


Common Property: Summer Chum

15 August 2016, SSRAA Chum Common Property Update:  Though a few late fish will be caught here and there in southern SE, the SSRAA summer chum return is over for 2016. This is the last summer chum update before we tighten up the numbers in post season. The two things that most characterized this return …


Common Property: Snow Pass Coho

Snow Pass “Summer” Coho Harvest 13 August 2016: There were an estimated 2,500 coho harvested in District 106.  At this point, very few of those are SSRAA summer coho.  Participation in the D106 drift fishery also decreased this past week.  While the fishery in D106 not only depends on these fish, there were better places …


Chinook Harvest Update 2016

                                                                        10 June2016 Chinook Harvest Update: We don’t often try to assess the chinook return until the first of July. …


Spawning News – April 2016 Newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the April 2016 issue here.