2020 Port Asumcion SHA Cost Recovery Access Licensing Bid Packet

2020 Port Asumcion SHA Cost Recovery Access Licensing Bid Packet

Southern Southeast Regional
Aquaculture Association

2020 Special Harvest Areas
Cost Recovery Access Acess Licensing
RFP Packet


Request for Proposals on one lot of Salmon

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General Information:


  1. SSRAA is a non-profit corporation dedicated to enhancing the traditional salmon fishing industry of Southeast Alaska. The ability to do this comes, in part, from cost recovery of returning SSRAA-produced salmon. Please understand that common property and terminal harvest area fisheries will be prioritized over cost recovery in some circumstances.
  2. As part of SSRAA’s cost recovery program, the corporation is seeking proposals for the licensing rights to harvest summer chum at Port Asumcion during the summer of 2020. The winning licensee(s) will enter into licensing agreements for the right to harvest cost recovery fish in the designated areas and will supply all harvest and tender boats needed for the saltwater harvest.
  3. The ability and commitment to harvest and transport the maximum poundage of fish available is critical and will be a bid evaluation factor. The winning licensee will be required to handle the entire anticipated harvestable volume of fish returning to the terminal area.
  4. Proposals from prospective licensees shall be submitted on the form contained in this packet. All proposals must be received at SSRAA offices (not postmarked) no later than 4:00 PM, Friday May 22, 2020.
  5. SSRAA will accept proposals submitted by regular mail, courier service, hand delivery, or email. Proposals must be sent to:

Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association
14 Borch Street
Ketchikan, Alaska 99901
breth@ssraa.orgYou may contact David Landis or Bret Hiatt at SSRAA with any questions or to confirm receipt of submitted proposal: (907) 225-9605

  1. Please provide a single price per round pound for bids OR, as an alternate method, using a scaled, per round pound “grounds-plus” price. If using a grounds-plus price:
    1. The grounds price for the purposes of bidding will be calculated by taking the average seine price paid by processors buying chum in the general area of the terminal area on August 31, 2020, or the grounds price for seine chum paid by the winning bidder, on August 31, 2020, whichever is greater.
    2. The grounds-plus bids should be expressed as a percentage multiplier of grounds price.
    3. Once cost recovery has begun, the winning processor will remit weekly payments to SSRAA calculated using the amount of the processor’s actual seine grounds price for that week. The final payment will be reconciled to include the entire amount of additional payment owed (i.e. the “plus” of grounds-plus) being the difference between grounds price in-season and grounds plus as described in “6.a.” above.
  2. It will be the responsibility of the successful licensee(s) to provide harvest boats and tenders or other transportation that can accomplish the job in the most efficient manner possible, and during a period of time and place of harvest as determined by SSRAA. In the qualifications section, please outline your plan for harvest/tendering/transportation capacity, including the names of the harvest boats and tenders (and skippers if possible) planned to be used.
  3. Reference is made to 5 AAC Chapters 33 and 40 for the licensee to determine cost recovery boundaries, gear types, etc.
  4. Please include sufficient details in your proposal so that we can accurately determine responsiveness. You may use additional sheets if necessary. Proposals that deviate from the instructions contained in this packet should be explained in a narrative. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  5. All proposers should be aware that proposal details may be discussed among members of SSRAA’s board of directors in executive session. Beyond this possible executive session, confidentiality of proposals will be maintained until September 1, 2020 at which time winning bid prices (only the winning bids) will be disclosed to those who contact the SSRAA General Manager.
  6. Measures will be taken to avoid and/or mitigate conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest with directors and/or employees of SSRAA.
  7. Although the descriptions and estimates contained in this bid packet are as accurate as SSRAA can make them – these are approximations and estimates also subject to errors or misinterpretation. Please call if you have questions.
  8. SSRAA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received; to negotiate different terms and conditions which may differ from the initial proposals received, and to award any access licensing contracts in a manner which is determined to be the most beneficial to SSRAA.
  9. This process is for a single year bid.
  10. Once again, please contact us if you have any questions.

Lot 1: Port Asumcion Summer Chum


General Information

In 2018, SSRAA initiated a new release site near the head of Port Asumcion on Baker Island. This is a release site for both summer chum from SSRAA’s Carroll River stock as well as fall coho. Although this is a new site, we anticipate that there will be a harvestable quantity of age-3 summer chum from a release of 7,000,000 smolts from brood year 2017.

There will be no broodstock taken or directed common property openings at Asumcion, and common property interception of fish in distant fisheries is completely unknown at this time. Port Asumcion was permitted as a cost recovery site.

The licensee will be responsible for providing a harvest vessel and tender (if needed) for transport.

In terms of run timing for cost recovery, the Carroll River stock timing for harvest should take place starting in early July and continue periodically through the month of August. The size of Carroll River chum is generally about 10 pounds, and since these will be only age-3 fish we expect them to be predominately male.

2020 Forecast

SSRAA summer chum mid-point forecast estimates summer chum available for cost recovery harvest of approximately 29,840 fish.

Bid Form

Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association
2020 Port Asumcion Summer Chum Cost Recovery Access Licensing

Instructions for bidders:

Please complete all pages of this bid form, sign and date it, and submit to SSRAA along with a cover letter (if desired) by 4:00 PM May 22, 2020. Use the sections on Page 2 for narrative, with additional narrative and/or other information as attachments.

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