Job Announcement: General Manager

Job Announcement: General Manager

Open Till:
November 15th, 2021

Submit Resume & Cover Letter To:
Russell Thomas
Executive Board Hiring Committee Chair

*Initial recruitment period ends on November 15th, after which this post may continue open until filled. 

Southern SE Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) is soliciting interest for the General Manager position. SSRAA is a nonprofit regional aquaculture association operating 7 salmon hatcheries and multiple remote release sites in southern SE Alaska.

The General Manager works at the will of the SSRAA Board of Directors and directly supervises a Production Manager, Operational Manager, Research/Evaluation Manager and, facilities engineer.

The primary responsibility of the SSRAA General Manager is the general wellbeing of the organization, including: managing the day-to-day activities of the company; acting as liaison between the Board and company staff; developing an annual budget proposal; coordination of all programs and activities with the state and federal agencies including: oversight of SSRAA’s cost recovery harvest activities including but not limited to the real time management of cost recovery and common property fisheries in the Neets Bay SHA; assuring adherence to permitting requirements; and, all contracts with other parties and any legal matter involving the organization.

Applicants must have: familiarity with Alaska salmon fisheries, salmon management, and salmon enhancement; successful experience in administration and supervision; direct experience in salmon enhancement in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest; a Bachelor’s degree in a field related to fisheries or business administration (advanced degree is helpful); and, a successful work history (working with a strong Board of Directors is helpful).

The primary work station is in Ketchikan. Frequent travel is required in Alaska with occasional trips throughout the Pacific Northwest. Some fieldwork is helpful, but not required.

Minimum starting salary is $120,000 per year with additional compensation negotiable based on experience. This is a benefited position to include healthcare and retirement.

Please respond by 15 November with resume and cover letter for the initial recruitment period, after which this post may continue, open until filled. Application and Inquiries to Russell Thomas – Executive Board Hiring Committee Chair ; or call (907) 617-3619.