2018 Snow Pass/Klawock Coho Update

16 July 2018:  Snow Pass (summer) Coho Update:

After the poor return of these fish last summer we were only guardedly optimistic about the 2018 run; and, it has started slowly (6,700 coho harvested through stat 28).  The coho/boat harvest in D106 (70 fish/boat) is only about half of what it was at this date last year.  In addition, effort in D106 is also only about half of what it was last year.  D106 is a large area where the drift fishery can target sockeye, chums returning to Burnett Inlet and Neets Bay, and/or “Snow Pass” coho returning to Whale Pass.  And, effort is likely down because opportunity (time D106 is open) is down. Individual boats fish differently related to which of these returns they are targeting.  With so little participation, coho catch/boat, is not as meaningful without knowing how many boats are targeting these fish.  Whatever the case, the return generally lasts until mid-August and related to a recent extended period of high pressure, the return is probably later than usual.

We just completed our first cost recovery harvest from the raceway on Neck Creek – about 2,100 fish were removed.

Anecdotal information:  sport fishing in Whale Pass is good with a lot of participants.