2017 Snow Pass Coho Update

Snow Pass “Summer” Coho Harvest 10 July 2017:
There were an estimated 7,000 cohos harvested by the drift fleet in D106 at this time last season. This summer’s estimate is half that number. Generally most of the coho harvest in D106 at this time of the year is from SSRAA releases of summer coho at Neck Lake and Burnett Inlet. Because processing of tags can take several weeks, it takes some time to determine how many were harvested from each site, or if different stocks are involved in the harvest. We don’t have the tag information in hand, but should have these numbers in hand next week.
Participation in the fishery was usual with 45 to 50 boats. But, the harvest at this date may be the smallest since these returns began in 1998. It is important to note that these fish did not do well in 2016, so half that harvest is not a good number. Historically from 6,000 to 12,000 coho are harvested in D106 during stat 27, the harvest estimate this past week was 2,000.
We will do a small cost recovery harvest this week from the raceway on Neck Creek.
Though there are small scattered schools, fish have not built up in large numbers in Whale Pass. At this point it isn’t possible to determine whether the run is waiting for weather, or weaker than usual. At this time it is hard to be optimistic about this return, but it’s always possible to be surprised.
We will update this information weekly.