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Neets Bay Cost Recovery 2018

Neets Bay Cost Recovery Harvest, 13 August 2018: We started cost recovery harvest on the 1st of July.  Fishing was slow through the 16th.  Catching improved through the last month. Broodstock collection began in earnest three weeks ago.  Because of the unknown related to egg collection at Burnett Inlet, there is still some uncertainty surrounding …


Chum Troll Update – Neets Bay

13 August 2018:  Neets Bay Chum Troll Update: Participation in the troll fishery at Neets Bay has decreased from last week to 6 trollers. Catch rates remain low at approximately 20 fish per day. Troll catch rates are expected to increase before the end of August. Neets Bay summer chum and fall chum have been …


Coho Update

2018:  13 August, SSRAA Coho Returns Because of the lag between harvest and coded wire tag processing and tag expansions, it is still too early to assess the current coho season…except that the return of SSRAA’s stock of fall coho is stronger than last year.  Considering 2017 may have been our all-time worst coho survival, …


2018 Common Property Update

13 August 2018, SSRAA Chum Common Property Update:  Summer Chum:  The SSRAA summer chum run is nearly over.  There are still some fish in several fisheries, primarily Neets, Kendrick and Anita Bay releases.  Of these, the Anita return is generally the latest set of fish.  All of the return groups are well into or at …


Kids’ Fishing Derby – Deer Mountain Hatchery 2018

  SSRAA King salmon provide kids with fun and provide the association with positive PR in the annual Kids’ Fishing Derby in Ketchikan City Park, set for June 16 (Saturday) from 9:00 am – Noon this year.  The park’s ponds will be stocked with chinook smolts raised for the derby in SSRAA’s Deer Mountain Hatchery. …


2018 Special Harvest Areas Cost Recovery Access Licensing

 Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association  2018 Special Harvest Areas Cost Recovery Access Licensing Download pdf:   Neets Bay, Klawock, Snow Pass and Whitman RFP Packet Download pdf maps:  Neets Bay SHA        Klawock SHA  RFP Packet  Request for Proposals on 7 Lots of Salmon: Neets Bay Summer Chum and Chinook Neets Bay Fall Chum and Coho Neets …


Gear Election & Appointed Seats

APPOINTED SEAT INFORMATION:  Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc. Board of Directors at the December 2017 Meeting selected the following appointed seats – 2 Year Terms. Directors will be seated at the January 26, 2018 Board Meeting.  Chamber of Commerce – Lynnette Logan (Craig, AK) Native Corporation – Dennis Nickerson (Klawock, AK) Municipal – David …