Remote Rearing Program

SSRAA’s enhancement program includes the development of a production and release strategy that will maximize fishing opportunity throughout the region. Remote release sites are part of that strategy. SSRAA currently operates six remote sites for the rearing and release of chum, coho, and chinook salmon. Returning adult salmon not intercepted in the more traditional common property corridor fisheries, return to these release sites where a Terminal Harvest Area is established within ADF&G regulation and managed for fishing opportunity specific to this defined harvest area. As part of a large allocation plan, salmon released from these sites are directed toward specific fleet opportunities at each site.

Anita Bay

Anita Bay is located on Etolin Island near Wrangell. SSRAA releases up to 22 million summer chum, 500,000 chinook, and 600,000 coho each year. This harvest area serves the gillnet, seine, and troll fleets on a seasonal rotational fishing schedule.

Carroll Inlet

Carroll Inlet is located on Revilla Island adjacent to the Swan Lake Hydroelectric Project. Annual release is 600,000 chinook smolt. Returning adults are harvested by all user groups.

Chinook Carroll Inlet Study

In the early 1990’s a grant agreement from the Alaska Science and Technology Foundation was awarded to F/V China Cove, Inc. to conduct a Terminal Area Troll Chinook Harvest Study.

Kendrick Bay

Kendrick Bay is located near the southeastern end of Prince of Wales Island. Annual release is 40 million summer chum. This provides opportunity directed to the seine fleet fishing within the terminal harvest area, but high numbers of returning adults are intercepted within commercial fishing district 102.

Nakat Inlet

Nakat Inlet releases up to 14 million summer chum, 8 million fall chum, and 600,000 coho each year. Returning adults to this site benefit the troll and gillnet fleet. This particular area allows gillnetters fishing the Tree Point Area to fish, during common property closures, within the terminal harvest area if desired.

Neck Lake

Neck Lake is located on the northeastern side of Prince of Wales Island. Neck Lake is SSRAA’s only freshwater remote rearing site with a production of 1.8 million coho smolt in freshwater net pens. Neck Lake is SSRAA’s only freshwater site that does not include any incubation component, all fish arrive as fry after incubation at another hatchery site. There are two stocks of coho in the lake: 1.2 million fall coho smolt are transported each spring to Neets Bay and Anita Bay while 600,000 summer coho are released into the lake for natural outmigration to saltwater. The majority of returning summer coho adults are harvested for cost recovery and the remainder by all user groups in the common property fisheries.

Port Asumcion

Port Asumcion is located on the eastern side of Baker Island. The annual release is 18,500,000 summer chum and 400,000 fall coho. Some interception occurs in the common property fisheries of District 103 and 104 but the adult returns to the terminal area is intended solely for SSRAA cost recovery.