Deer Mountain – Hatchery Permit #49

Deer Mountain Hatchery was first constructed by the Alaska Territorial Sportsmen in the 1950’s and was subsequently operated by ADF&G FRED Division (Fisheries Rehabilitation and Enhancement Division) until 1993 when the Ketchikan Indian Community took over the facility and operated it until 2013 when SSRAA assumed ownership.  The hatchery is located near downtown Ketchikan next to Ketchikan Creek.

Current production is:

  • 100,000 chinook salmon smolt released into Ketchikan Creek.
  • 400,000 fall coho smolt transported to Anita Bay for release each spring.
  • 50,000 triploid rainbow trout released in Ketchikan area lakes each summer.
  • 1,500 catchable size rainbow trout released into City Park ponds each summer for a Kid’s Fishing Derby.

Returning adults are harvested in common property fisheries by all user groups.