Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, (SSRAA), is recruiting for three temporary positions at two of our remote salmon rearing sites.  One of the positions will be a lead position and two will be laborer positions.

Our remote rearing sites produce up to 30 million chum salmon and 600,000 Coho and/or Chinook salmon smolt. These positions require living on site for up to 4 months on a provided floating camp barge.  Scheduled supply flights and boats bring company provided food and basic living supplies. Transportation from Ketchikan to and from our remote sites is provided.

Job responsibilities and duties will include but not be limited to: on site fish culture activities such as daily feeding of fry and smolt, weekly growth sampling and health assessments, calculating feed amounts, accurate record keeping, pen cleaning, mortality removal, and general camp equipment maintenance.  Person(s) should be comfortable with operating skiff and outboards, maintain a safe work environment, and possess a valid driver’s license.  Scheduled daily communication with the remote camp coordinator is mandatory. Communications will be by cell phone, SSB radio, satellite phone, or inReach satellite texts depending on the assigned rearing site.

The ideal candidates must exhibit the ability to develop a healthy working relationship with the other technician in a remote setting for the full length of the project. Applicants should be motivated, physically fit, with good communication skills, and able to work long hours in inclement weather lifting up to 70 lbs.  Previous remote fieldwork is desirable but not required.

Pay is based on a daily rate for each position DOE. Starting pay for the lead position is $160/day and for the labor position $120/day.  Pay is based on a 7-day work week.  If an entire season is completed while meeting all job requirements, a bonus may be paid at the end of the season.  SSRAA is an equal opportunity employer.  Applicants may either send or email a resume to the addresses provided below. This posting will remain open until October 31st 2017.

For more information or to apply contact:

Cody Pederson – Remote Camp Coordinator


14 Borch Street.

Ketchikan, AK 99901

Email – admin@ssraa.org

The Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Associate (SSRAA) Research and Evaluation Department has an opening for a regular, full-time Research Technician in Ketchikan, Alaska.

The Research Technician is primarily responsible for the reading of salmonid otoliths collected during the commercial fishing season and entering the results into the otolith database.  This position will work within the Otolith Lab preparing otolith slides for analysis, operating a microscope station, interpreting otolith marks, entering data in the database and ensuring the integrity of the data collected.  Other duties include: maintaining the otolith data base and equipment associated with the otolith lab, assisting in the otolith collection process, participating as a member of the Coded Wire Tagging crew, and performing other duties as assigned, which may include but are not limited to performing routine variable fish culture and pathology sampling activities related to fresh water incubation and rearing of salmonids at assigned SSRAA hatcheries and rearing sites

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid driver license and reliable transportation. The ideal candidate would have successful work history in data collection preferably fishery related and in a lab setting, an ability to work in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access programs, and a working knowledge of compound and dissecting microscopes.  An Associates or Bachelor degree in Fisheries or Biology along with experience reading otoliths, operating a Mark IV CWT machine and/or Microsoft Access programing is preferred but not necessary.  This position may require working in cold, wet conditions, lifting up to 40 pounds, and performing highly repetitive, tedious physical and mental activities.

Starting pay is $18.66 per hour DOE.  This position is full time and may require the applicant to have a flexible schedule. Some evening and weekend work may be required depending on the fishery openers.  SSRAA is an equal opportunity employer.  Applicants may direct questions and/or submit a resume and three references physically or electronically to the addresses provided below.  Please submit resume and references by September 29th.

c/o John Holt
14 Borch St
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Tel. (907) 228-4388
Email – jholt@ssraa.org


The Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) has an opening for a Lead Maintenance Technician at the Neets Bay Hatchery.

The Neets Bay Hatchery is a large, remote, three species salmon hatchery located approximately 30 air miles North of Ketchikan, Alaska.

There are approximately 170 million Chum, 4.3 million Coho, and 750,000 Chinook salmon cultured at the Neets Bay facility. The position requires living on site in a furnished housing. Provided utilities/benefits include but are not limited to: weekly mail and supply flights, telephone service, satellite internet, and monthly hotel accommodations in Ketchikan.

The Maintenance Technician assists in the maintenance and construction at the Neets Bay hatchery. This position reports to the Maintenance and Construction Supervisor.
The ideal applicant will have experience at a remote location to include any of the following skills; plumbing, electrical, wood building construction, metal fabricating/welding, knowledge and experience in skiff operation and maintenance. Good communication skills are necessary as well as the ability to accept and complete tasks as directed.

Applicants must be capable of lifting 50lbs repeatedly and be tolerant of foul weather and long work days/weeks.

Recreational opportunities include hiking, boating, fishing and hunting as time allows.

Starting pay is $23.08/hr or greater depending on experience. The benefit package includes health, dental, life, long term disability insurance and 403b retirement. SSRAA is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants may either send or email a cover letter and resume to the addresses provided below. This posting will close on September 15th 2017.


For more information contact:
Craig Parry
Neets Bay Hatchery
Tel. (907) 225-8790, (907) 247-8790
Email –neetsbay@ssraa.org
14 Borch St
Ketchikan, AK 99901