Neets Bay Cost Recovery 2018

Neets Bay Cost Recovery Harvest, 13 August 2018: We started cost recovery harvest on the 1st of July.  Fishing was slow through the 16th.  Catching improved through the last...

Chum Troll Update - Neets Bay

13 August 2018:  Neets Bay Chum Troll Update: Participation in the troll fishery at Neets Bay has decreased from last week to 6 trollers. Catch rates remain low at...

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SSRAA: Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association

Enhancing and Rehabilitating Salmon Production in Southern Southeast Alaska.

The Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association is one of five regional non-profit, salmon aquaculture associations to be incorporated in the 1970’s. These associations were founded in response to the near collapse of the Alaska salmon fishing industry due to consecutive years of low salmon abundance.

SSRAA are focused on enhancing and rehabilitating salmon stocks in southern Southeast Alaska through salmon hatchery programs, research, and resource management. SSRAA have six hatcheries and a further three remote release camps throughout the region and are responsible for the rearing, management and release of over 157 million salmon fry per year across three Pacific Salmon species – Chum, Coho and Chinook.

As part of Alaska’s Enhancement Program, SSRAA is succeeding in producing a greater abundance of salmon in the common property waters of Southeast Alaska for the economic and social benefit of all Alaska Fisheries, be they commercial, sport or subsistence.