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2020 Request for Proposal Cost Recovery Packet 2020

Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association  2020 Special Harvest Areas Cost Recovery Access Licensing RFP Packet  Request for Proposals on 14 Lots of Salmon  Neets Bay: Prince of Wales:  Summer chum and chinook Klawock River fall coho Summer chum carcasses Neck Lake summer coho Fall chum and fall coho Port Asumcion summer chum Fall carcasses Port …


SSRAA Appointed Seats Openings

Interested in Serving on the SSRAA Board??? SSRAA is currently accepting nominations for our eight (8) appointed board seats to serve during the 2020-2021 board cycle: Sportfish, Processor, Native Corporation, Chamber of Commerce, Municipal, Public at Large (2) & Subsistence. If you are interested in any of these positions please contact Liz Jones at 907-225-9605 …


SSRAA In-Season Update – Broodstock & Cost Recovery

The good news – SSRAA completed the summer chum eggtake of nearly 210 million eggs, which is the maximum permitted capacity, even a bit more than our production goal of 205 million. Being able to accomplish this was a major victory and depended on a combination of luck, weather, planning and extraordinary effort by a …


SSRAA Chum Overview – July 11, 2019

The 2019 chum season has started, and the early return data and patterns are difficult to interpret but are not generally following the forecast that we did earlier in the year. We didn’t expect many age-5 chum, since the age-4 fish from last year were so weak: the forecast told us that this particular age …


City Park Kids Fishing Derby – Deer Mountain Hatchery

City Park Kids Fishing Derby June 8, 2019 – Saturday 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. Normally the City Park Kids Fishing Derby occurs the Saturday before Father’s Day, in 2019 it will be held the week before on Saturday, June 8th.  The Derby is a cooperative effort between the United States Forest Service, Alaska Department of …


2019 Terminal Harvest Area Openings

Anita Bay Rotational Calendar 2019 Download pdf: 2019 MAY SHA Anita 2019 June SHA Anita Bay 2019 SHA Anita JULY 2019 SHA Anita August 2019 SHA AB September   Carroll Inlet Rotational Calendar 2019 Download pdf: 2019 JUNE Carroll Inlet SHA March Meeting Neets Bay Rotational Calendar 2019 Download pdf:  2019 JUNE Neets Bay SHA …


Coho Update

2018 Final Update:  8 October, SSRAA Coho Returns Though there are still a few coho returning (for broodstock) at Whitman Lake and Neets Bay, the 2018 common property coho season is over.  Coho coded wire tag expansions will continue to be adjusted for at least another month, but current numbers will be close to the …


Port Asumcion Request for Proposal

Download PDF format:  SSRAA – Port Asumcion Request for Proposal 2019 Season SOUTHERN SOUTHEAST REGIONAL AQUACULTURE ASSOCIATION                      Request for Proposals (RFP) 2019 Port Asumcion Rearing Program Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc., (SSRAA), is soliciting bids from interested parties to conduct rearing operations for the spring …


Chum Troll Update – Neets Bay

24 September 2018:  Neets Bay Chum Troll Update: Participation in the Neets Bay troll fishery has decreased to 9 trollers. Current chum troll catch rates are minimal. Fishing effort is focused on the harvest of coho. Coho predominate the harvest. Current catch rates are approximately 60 coho per delivery. Average weight is 7.2 pounds per …


2018 Common Property Update

24 September 2018, SSRAA Fall Chum Common Property Update:  Summer Chum:  The SSRAA summer chum run is over.  These fish have timed out. Fall Chum:  Except for a straggler here and there at Tree Point, D106, or the troll fishery in Behm Canal, the fall chum return is over.  As with the summer chum, the …