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2018 Special Harvest Areas Cost Recovery Access Licensing

 Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association  2018 Special Harvest Areas Cost Recovery Access Licensing Download pdf:   Neets Bay, Klawock, Snow Pass and Whitman RFP Packet Download pdf maps:  Neets Bay SHA        Klawock SHA  RFP Packet  Request for Proposals on 7 Lots of Salmon: Neets Bay Summer Chum and Chinook Neets Bay Fall Chum and Coho Neets …


Spawning News – March 2018 Newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the March 2018 issue here.


Gear Election & Appointed Seats

APPOINTED SEAT INFORMATION:  Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc. Board of Directors at the December 2017 Meeting selected the following appointed seats – 2 Year Terms. Directors will be seated at the January 26, 2018 Board Meeting.  Chamber of Commerce – Lynnette Logan (Craig, AK) Native Corporation – Dennis Nickerson (Klawock, AK) Municipal – David …


Spawning News – December 2017 Newsletter

The latest “Spawning News” is now available. Download the December 2017 issue here.


Port Asumcion RFP

SOUTHERN SOUTHEAST REGIONAL AQUACULTURE ASSOCIATION, INC. REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 2018 PORT ASUMCION REARING PROGRAM   Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc., (SSRAA), is soliciting bids from interested parties to conduct rearing operations for the spring of 2018 season at its Port Asumcion rearing site located in southern Southeast Alaska. SSRAA is a regional non-profit aquaculture …


2017 Snow Pass Coho/Klawock Update

2017 Harvest of SSRAA Coho, Including Klawock Hatchery Production:  2 October 2017 As we have noted for the past month, the 2017 returns from SSRAA’s traditional (Chickamin River) fall coho releases – all of the releases – will be well below average this year.  The season is over but for a few end-of-season fisheries.  Generally …


2017 Cost Recovery Update

27 September: Cost Recovery Update Fall Chum: There has been some cost recovery at both Neets Bay and Burnett Inlet (see table and graphics), but at this point we are taking all fall chum that return to the Barrier at Neets Bay or the steep pass at Burnett as brood.  We have seen some current …


2017 Common Property Update

 August 14, 2017:  SSRAA Chum Common Property Update:  While there are very few summer chum still in the Tree Point/Nakat fishery, the first fall chum are now entering the fishery. The summer chum return to D102 and Kendrick is over. There are still a few summer chum returning to terminal areas at Neets Bay and …


2017 Chum Troll Update

Neets Bay Chum Troll Report, through 6 August: The SHA closed Saturday night, July 22, at midnight; the area from Bug Island to Chin Point opened again on 2 August. From 10 to 15 trollers have been fishing the outer part of Neets Bay since it reopened.  Surprisingly, fishing was pretty much the same as …


Canoe Pass – Invitation to Bid Test Fishery

Invitation to Bid: Canoe Pass Test Fishing  – SSRAA and ADF&G are participating in a cooperative test fishery at Canoe Pass, located on southern Etolin Island, to establish a baseline survey. This survey is designed to evaluate the presence of non-targeted/bycatch salmon species in Canoe Pass that may occur during the normal run timing of …