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2019 Terminal Harvest Area Openings

Anita Bay Rotational Calendar 2019 Download pdf: 2019 MAY SHA Anita 2019 June SHA Anita Bay 2019 SHA Anita JULY 2019 SHA Anita August 2019 SHA AB September   Carroll Inlet Rotational Calendar 2019 Download pdf: 2019 JUNE Carroll Inlet SHA March Meeting Neets Bay Rotational Calendar 2019 Download pdf:  2019 JUNE Neets Bay SHA …


2018 Smolt Releases

Check out the 2018 Release Data for Summer Chums, Fall Chums, Fall Cohos, Summer Cohos, and Chinooks.


2018 Return Summary

Check out the recently published 2018 Return Summaries and 2019 Predictions.


Coho Update

2018 Final Update:  8 October, SSRAA Coho Returns Though there are still a few coho returning (for broodstock) at Whitman Lake and Neets Bay, the 2018 common property coho season is over.  Coho coded wire tag expansions will continue to be adjusted for at least another month, but current numbers will be close to the …


Port Asumcion Request for Proposal

Download PDF format:  SSRAA – Port Asumcion Request for Proposal 2019 Season SOUTHERN SOUTHEAST REGIONAL AQUACULTURE ASSOCIATION                      Request for Proposals (RFP) 2019 Port Asumcion Rearing Program Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc., (SSRAA), is soliciting bids from interested parties to conduct rearing operations for the spring …


Cost Recovery Harvest 2018

Cost Recovery Harvest, 24 September 2018: Neets Bay:  The fall chum return to Neets Bay was weak and is nearly done. We are only fishing for broodstock. The 2018 coho return is stronger than the fall chum return.  Mixing coho with chum broodstock makes egg taking difficult.  We are sorting the fall return and placing …


Chum Troll Update – Neets Bay

24 September 2018:  Neets Bay Chum Troll Update: Participation in the Neets Bay troll fishery has decreased to 9 trollers. Current chum troll catch rates are minimal. Fishing effort is focused on the harvest of coho. Coho predominate the harvest. Current catch rates are approximately 60 coho per delivery. Average weight is 7.2 pounds per …


2018 Common Property Update

24 September 2018, SSRAA Fall Chum Common Property Update:  Summer Chum:  The SSRAA summer chum run is over.  These fish have timed out. Fall Chum:  Except for a straggler here and there at Tree Point, D106, or the troll fishery in Behm Canal, the fall chum return is over.  As with the summer chum, the …


McDowell Study – Economic Impacts 2017

Economic Impacts of the Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association Printed August 2018 Prepared For: SSRAA Prepared By: McDowell Group Click to View or Download Entire PDF The Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) is a non-profit corporation headquartered in Ketchikan, Alaska working to enhance the salmon stocks in Southern Southeast Alaska (SSE). This study estimates …


Kids’ Fishing Derby – Deer Mountain Hatchery 2018

  SSRAA King salmon provide kids with fun and provide the association with positive PR in the annual Kids’ Fishing Derby in Ketchikan City Park, set for June 16 (Saturday) from 9:00 am – Noon this year.  The park’s ponds will be stocked with chinook smolts raised for the derby in SSRAA’s Deer Mountain Hatchery. …