McDowell Study – Economic Impacts 2017

Economic Impacts of the Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association

Printed August 2018

Prepared For: SSRAA

Prepared By: McDowell Group

The Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association (SSRAA) is a non-profit corporation headquartered in Ketchikan, Alaska working to enhance the salmon stocks in Southern Southeast Alaska (SSE). This study estimates and describes SSRAA’s economic impacts on SSE’s commercial fishing, seafood processing, and sportfishing industries. Unless stated otherwise, numbers presented reflect 2013 to 2017 averages. SSRAA operates seven hatcheries and seven additional release sites throughout SSE, producing and releasing around 170 million salmon smolts annually. SSRAA’s operations are primarily funded through cost recovery harvests and a three percent ex-vessel tax on landed salmon in SSE. Between sport harvests, commercial fisheries, and cost recovery activities, about 3.2 million SSRAA salmon are harvested annually.

McDowell Study | SSRAA Economic Impacts 2017