Archives - July 2019


SSRAA Chum Broodstock Alert UPDATE

SSRAA is still experiencing a severe shortfall of summer chum at both Neets Bay and Burnett Inlet. These are the only two sites where we take summer chum eggs. Going into the season with an egg take goal of 205 million, we anticipated an approximate split of 155 million at Neets and 50 million at …


Broodstock and Cost Recovery Update

Projections for SSRAA summer chum returns to broodstock collection sites at Neets Bay and Burnett Inlet are worsening rapidly. These projections are derived from the numbers of chum observed on-site in both of these terminal areas as well as the fraction of Neets/Burnett fish being caught in the common property corridors leading to those two …


SSRAA Chum Overview – July 11, 2019

The 2019 chum season has started, and the early return data and patterns are difficult to interpret but are not generally following the forecast that we did earlier in the year. We didn’t expect many age-5 chum, since the age-4 fish from last year were so weak: the forecast told us that this particular age …