Burnett Inlet Facility Expansion

Marble Construction is raising the new building this week with some crane assistance from Pool Engineering. The frame is standing and installation of insulated metal panels will commence immediately.  UPDATE:  August 4, 2015





The final concrete slab is lowered into place completing the basic pad for the new dock and incubation building. Later this week the individual panels will be grouted into place and an additional topping slab will be poured providing a sanitary work surface. Construction of a building will commence immediately once the fresh concrete has had a chance to cure.  UPDATE:  July 14, 2015

bi7152 (Small)

View from above showing the full 60’ x 90’ pad.

bi715 (Small)

Phase 1 of the Burnett Hatchery expansion has been completed on time and a steel framework stands waiting for a deck of concrete slabs that will arrive later this week.  The next several weeks will see the slabs craned into position and grouted in.  After the slab is finished construction of a building will begin.  UPDATE:  July 6, 2015

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Expansion of the Burnett Inlet Hatchery began in June with Pool Engineering driving pilings that will support a new incubation building for both Summer and Fall Chum eggs by September of this year.  The first releases have occurred and plans are in effect to have Burnett ready to collect Fall Chum eggs in 2017 and Summer Chum in 2018.  Pilings and steel support are the first step which will be followed by the installation of hollow core cement slabs and then a 3,000 square foot incubation building.  Photos of construction progress will be posted throughout the summer so stay tuned.  UPDATE:  June 17, 2015

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