Chum Troll Update – Neets Bay


16 July 2018:  Neets Bay Chum Troll Update:

The larger area of Behm Canal opened to troll at the end of last week.  A few additional boats entered the fishery at that time.  Our on-the-water counts of active boats fishing, went up to a high of 66 and have stayed at about that number through the last several days.

Harvest is increasing as the run builds. This year there has been more variance between the individual troller daily harvest than usual; some boats may be harvesting at the historic expected numbers or slightly less – while some are not.  This may change as abundance increases.

The fish are still large, currently averaging more than 11 pounds.  The run is also still predominantly male, suggesting we are still relatively early in the return.

Two processors are tendering the area on a daily basis.

Current Harvest Summary on 15 July 2018:

Active Trollers Total Harvest (Est. Pounds) Total Harvest

(Est. Fish)

Total Troller Days Fished Current Catch Per Troller/Day
66 356,800 30,950 685 98 fish


Neets Bay Chum Troll Report, through 4 July:

Chum trolling starting gaining momentum on 1 July when there were 18 trollers in the fishery.  The current boat count, as of the afternoon of 3 July, was 43.  Approximately 47,000 lbs. were harvested between July 1 and July 3. The average fish weight is about 13 lbs, which is higher than average. The fishery is being tendered daily by two local processors.  We will update this information weekly.