Port Asumcion RFP





Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc., (SSRAA), is soliciting bids from interested parties to conduct rearing operations for the spring of 2018 season at its Port Asumcion rearing site located in southern Southeast Alaska.

SSRAA is a regional non-profit aquaculture association based in Ketchikan, Alaska.  SSRAA’s mission is to enhance and rehabilitate salmon production in Southern Southeast Alaska to the optimum social and economic benefit to salmon users.  SSRAA operates eight production salmon hatcheries/facilities and four remote release rearing sites.  SSRAA rears and releases approximately 180 million chum, 7.5 million coho, and 2.1 million chinook smolt annually.

Location of Project

Port Asumcion in located on Baker Island off the west coast of Prince of Wales Island and is approximately 18 miles west of Craig, Alaska at coordinates 55o 22’18” N / 133o 33’18” W.  This is a remote site only assessable by boat or float plane.

Description of Project

This is a new project that will become operational in late January or early February of 2018.  The site will be comprised of five 40’X40’ net pens and a 24’X50’ barge for fish food and equipment storage.  The barge will have a structure utilized for dry storage and temporary quarters for visiting SSRAA employees whom will be conducting periodic site visits.  Approximately eight (8) million chum fry and 400,000 coho smolt will be reared and released in 2018.  The project dates will run annually from approximately mid-January through mid-May or approximately 120 days.  Based on environmental conditions and rearing performance, the dates of operations could vary slightly year to year.  Length of work day will typically vary from between 6-10 hours/day.

Scope of Contractor Services Required

  • Provide an adequate live-aboard vessel, skiff and outboard, fuel, food and living supplies, and all other expenses associated with crew wages, and operation of equipment provided by contractor.
  • Provide a minimum of two people, from approximately mid-January to mid-May for the rearing of fry and smolt per size goals and release objectives prescribed by SSRAA staff.
  • Contractor will provide 24 hours/day, 7 days/week presence at rearing site for security. Occasional day trips to Craig for resupply will be allowed with the approval of SSRAA staff.
  • Assist with mobilization of the site in Craig, Alaska and Port Asumcion including: barge prep, loading fish food and all equipment and supplies, deploying rearing nets, and general site set-up.
  • Fish culture duties will include: feeding fish to achieve desired growth and health performance, net cleaning, weekly growth sampling, removing rearing mortalities, and performing end-of-season fish health assessments and compiling rearing summaries.
  • Maintain rearing records to include: recording daily water temps, weekly growth sampling, daily feed amounts fed, daily mortalities, weekly fish inventory, keeping a daily diary of all activities, and other pertinent data/records as specified by SSRAA staff.
  • Maintenance duties will include: servicing generator and other equipment, maintaining and repairing nets and net pen structures, and maintaining barge and other infrastructure.
  • Conduct scheduled daily welfare checks and daily/weekly operational status updates to specified SSRAA personnel.
  • Perform miscellaneous fish culture tasks and maintenance to infrastructure as needed or required by SSRAA staff.
  • Upon completion of rearing operations, assist with end-of-season demobilization of site including: pulling rearing nets for cleaning, general clean-up of barge, equipment, rearing site, trash removal to Craig, Alaska, and gear maintenance and storage.
  • Maintains vessel and crew insurance.


SSRAA Responsibilities

  • Provide oversite and on-site training of standard rearing procedures and provide clear expectations of goals to be accomplished.
  • Provide all equipment and supplies needed for rearing operations that are not listed under the Contractor Services above.
  • Provide communications gear such as satellite phone, cell signal booster equipment, inReach, or single side band equipment.
  • Provide SSRAA personnel as needed to assist in specific tasks or general operations as needed.
  • Mobilize barge to and from Port Asumcion by contracted licensed tow boat.
  • SSRAA maintains comprehensive liability insurance and will name contractor as additionally insured.

Interested applicant should complete the attached Proposal Form, detailing a lump-sum bid price for the 120-day contract and a daily rate in case additional days are necessary, names and qualifications of crew to perform work, specifications and capabilities of the live-aboard vessel and skiff, communications ability, and other relevant information that would assist SSRAA in selection of a contractor.

SSRAA reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received; to negotiate different terms and conditions which may differ from the initial proposals received; and to award any access licensing contracts in a manner which is determined to be the most beneficial to SSRAA.

Please direct all responses to this RFP and/or any questions to:

Bret Hiatt

Southern Southeast Regional Aquaculture Association, Inc.

14 Borch Street

Ketchikan, Alaska 99901

Ph. 907-228-4393 or breth@ssraa.org

 Select for PDF Version to Download:    SSRAA Port Asumcion Rearing RFP Form

All proposals must be submitted by no later than 4:00 pm December 1st, 2017

SSRAA Port Asumcion Rearing RFP Form – Please complete all sections



Contractor Name:   _________________________

Dates Available:   __________________                                                     

Experience (fisheries, maritime, fish culture, etc.):






Additional Crew :   _____________________________________   Dates Available:   ________________


Experience (fisheries, maritime, fish culture, etc.)





Live-aboard Boat and Equipment


Name of vessel:  ____________________   Construction:  ________________     Year Built:  _________


Power:  ____________    Length and Width:  ___________    Speed:  _________    # Berths:  _________


Fuel Capacity/Types:  ___________________________     Skiff Size /HP:  _________________________


Electronics/Communications Gear:  _______________________________________________________




Lump sum bid amount, all inclusive:  ______________________________________________________


Daily rate if additional time is needed:  ____________________________________________________


Insurance agent and policy type/limits:   ___________________________________________________


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